Comcast for Business Phone Number

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Comcast for Business Phone Number

Customer Service & Contact: Comcast Business Services 800 Phone Number

Comcast for Business Customer Service: (800) 391-3000

How to call Comcast for Business: When you call the toll free number for Comcast, you will get the options below. Answer the questions to contact technical or customer support help.

  • Thank you for calling Comcast Business, built for business
  • Existing Customer: Ill need a phone number or account number to look you up. Which would you like to use?
  • New Service: Or, if you are new to Comcast, say “new customer”
    • New Customer
    • What service are you calling about?
    • Home or Business?
      • Business
      • Please enter or say the zip code where you want service

More Information
Below is a basic overview of the business class service line to inform you of the options available when you call.

Business Internet – Plans based on internet speeds (MBPS)

Business Phone – Mobile solutions & phone system plans

Business TV & Cable – Various plans broken down by:

  • Offices
  • Bars & restaurant
  • Gyms
  • Hotels

More Information:

Comcast for Business Phone Number @ – 2020

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