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OurSainsburys is the employee online platform for Sainsbury’s Groceries and Habitat employees for accessing information of staff rotas/schedules/payslips/human resources, and more.

Thereby, employees can manage job activities and benefits with ease.

Oursainsburys.co.uk allows office directors, store employees, supply chain managers, technical and financial managers to access their company releated affairs in at one entry point.

Mysainsburys.co.uk or Oursainsburys.co.uk.

If you’re new to Oursainsburys or the  My Sainsburys Login process, then you will need to be aware of the following:

  • The official web address is not oursainsburys.co.uk and not Mysainsburys.co.uk.
  • Enter your login credentials, like user name, email address and password.
  • Access all available benefits by clicking on  the “Next” button.
  • If you’re a new Sainsburys employee, you will need to go throught the Oursainsburys registration process to create a new account.
  • The Oursainsburys HR phone number is: 0800 707 6242.


To view current payslips visit www.Payslipview.com.

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